Best foods to eat to lose weight and tone up

It sounds very ironic and contrary to common belief that fats are one of the best foods to eat to lose weight and tone up fast. In order to tone your muscles up, you need to build lean muscle mass without getting too much harsh fats. Today I will tell you that eating fat does not gain weight but in other way it will tone your muscles up because it depends on the kind of fat that you are eating. Many people are very surprised when they see how much fat I eat in one day. So if you are having processed hydrogenated, fake butter or package and processed foods, those fats will make you fat. But if you are having healthy fat from healthy fat sources that will actually help you burn fat, lose weight and tone up fast.

Best foods to eat to lose weight and tone up

So the key to remember is that your body cannot actually function without these healthy fats. Your hormone cannot work properly; your brain and your nerve system cannot work properly. There are a lot of organs and digestions which will not function at the optimum if you don’t feed your body the healthy fat. So before I get into these fat sources, I want to talk about the fats that everyone should stay away from. Continue reading



We humans, like every other species are structured to live and function in nature. Our body is tuned to the rhythm of nature from the moment we exist. At times when we fall out of the rhythm and alienate ourselves from nature, our body starts protesting and mal-functioning. What we have to do in states of such mal-function is very simple – we just need to reach back to nature. The rising importance of natural health in this era owes to this realization.


Most of the natural health essays are being portrayed as ‘un-scientific’ and unreasonable by the so called ‘world scientific society’. But what they fail to understand is that they are burning down the house to get rid of pests. A scientific base, if required could be achieved with dedicated research in the field. It is neither impossible nor incomprehensible. We can’t forget that the time tested natural health tips have helped millions all over the world from time they started to exist. Assuming that natural health and other complementary medicines are modern black magic just adds to the ignorance of our species. We need to absorb the wisdom of our forefathers and merge them into our needs and deeds.

Importance of Exercise to lose 10 pounds of weight

Dietary management to lose 10 pounds of weightExercise is equally important as the diet regimen in weight loss. A regular exercise regimen is important to lose weight, to tone up the muscles and to make the body fit.

A daily aerobic activity of at least 30-40 minutes is essential for a successful weight loss program. You can choose the activity of your choice and interest. It can range from brisk walking to jogging, running, dancing, and swimming, skipping, cycling and dancing. Similar to the meals, schedule your exercise and stick to that schedule. If you are doing the exercise of your interest, there are better chances of your sticking to it.

Find a partner whom you can exercise with. This will also help you stick to your exercise regimen.

Walking is the best form of exercise. This is especially so in individuals who suffer from any of the life style ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease etc.

Diet control plus regular exercise is an ideal combination for successful weight loss. It is more beneficial than either exercise or diet alone. A decrease in food intake combined with an increase in the calorie consumption is much more effective in the long run than by decreasing the calorie intake or increasing the calorie consumption alone.

What is interval training?

Dietary management to lose 10 pounds of weight

Interval training involves periods of high intensity exercise followed by periods of low intensity exercise or periods of recovery. These sets are then repeated. Interval training can be followed in any cardiovascular exercise (e.g. running, walking, cycling etc.) by performing brief periods of near maximum exertion followed by periods of lower intensity activity.

If you are fit and have optimum cardiovascular health, you can include interval training in you exercise regimen. Interval training is a very effective method of strength building and successful weight loss.

Approximate Value of Energy Expenditure during Some Common Aerobic – Activities

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*Adapted from Passmore, R and Durnin, J VGA: ‘Human Energy Expenditure’, Physiol. /Rev., 35, 801, 1955.

How to Get a Career in the Field of Medical Billing

Medical billing is a process where in a certified person for the job submits and performs follow ups on claims to insurance companies in order for health care providers to receive payments for services rendered. This is an interaction between the health care providers as the payee and the insurance companies as the payers. Therefore, medical billing plays a vital role in rendering what is due to the health care providers. This is just one of the reasons why job offers for this field of specialty is expanding and employers are offering their future employees a good pay. For these reasons, so many people are now seeking their own career or even their own business for this field.

Career in the Field of Medical

Keeping all the opportunities in mind and before deciding to be a medical biller, it is vital to know what one does in the medical billing career and how one can get into the medical billing field.

Medical billing is associated with medical coding (although they perform different functions), because each of them is vital in achieving the expected outcome of the task in obtaining appropriate payments for health care providers. In some companies, billing and coding is performed by the same individuals, while in others, billing and coding are done by different professionals.

Medical billers and coders work in a variety of health care settings such as hospital billing departments, physician’s offices and insurance companies. Medical billing is done by submitting medical codes seen on claim forms to payers, updating client insurance information, appealing denial claims, and providing follow- up documentation to payers. It utilizes the alphanumeric and numeric codes assigned during the medical coding process. Medical coders on the other hand, assign numeric and alphanumeric codes to the procedures and diagnoses found in the medical records of their clients. These codes should provide a “short- cut” version of the lengthy discussions of diseases and illnesses, treatments and medications. These codes should be reliable enough to provide vital information for resource management and marketing, health care statistics and accurate reimbursement.

A medical biller and coder should be specially trained and have obtained a certificate or diploma that is geared toward insurance and medical billing. They should have acquired a credential as a Certified Reimbursement Specialist through the American Medical Billing Association. It is also an advantage if they enroll in a school where the instructions are given by medical billing professionals and owners of medical billing businesses. These are guarantee of a high level of professionalism and commitment in the community, as well as efficiency and accuracy of services that they will render to their own clients.

So if you are interested to gain a good career in the medical billing community, carefully choose a school that offers a certified and accredited curriculum for the field. Most accredited and certified medical billing schools even prioritize their own students for job openings after they have acquired their certificate or diploma. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of medical billing is expected to grow in the coming years and the rewards are also expected to be very delightful, so we could perceive this type of career   to be truly rewarding and enjoyable.

7 Ways to Boost you Child’s Immunity

Parents and caregivers of children can attest that when sickness strikes, life revolves around tending to the child night and day. It is miserable to see our little ones drained of their seemingly endless energy supply. It is also concerning because a child’s body is more vulnerable than an adult’s body. What can parents do in order to best protect against the intruders that challenge our children’s health?

7 Ways to Boost you Child's Immunity

Your child’s body and immune system function optimally when protected from environmental damage. By choosing healthy lifestyle behaviors, you can help your child’s system stay balanced and working efficiently. Recommended behaviors include a healthy diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, low stress levels, mindful  antibiotic use, keeping a healthy weight and keeping your environment balanced. In order to effectively boost the immune system, scientists and researchers have been studying the effects of lifestyle changes on the system’s ability to fight off infections. They have found that these lifestyle changes do correlate to reduction of diseases and increased  immune systems responses. They are still researching and testing for conclusive evidence to uncover how to balance the immune system to its optimum ability in order to reduce infections that lead to diseases. The immune system has many different cells that respond to different microbes in different ways, so immune responses don’t necessarily mean your system will be better prepared to fight intruding microorganisms. The system needs to be balanced. There are precautions you can take to keep your child’s overall health and immune system defenses as strong as possible. Continue reading

Health Benefits of a Massage Cushion

massage cushion

Based on the actual needs of consumers about finding a best massage cushion which have the compact design, easy-to-use functions, but still have full massage features of the entire neck, shoulders, neck, back and buttock, I would like to share with you some of the health benefits of a massage cushion. Currently in the market, there are different types of massage cushion. Many massage cushions come with beautiful design and various features, and fully meet the different demand of the customers.

For the neck and shoulder area: the massage cushion is equipped with two rollers and four parts of massage on the neck region helps to massage your neck and shoulder broader and more intensive.

For the back area: With 4 mechanical rollers, 8 head massage combined with the use of kneading technology, the massage cushion will stimulate acupuncture massage, reduce pressure on spinal ligaments and help relieve back pain, the stress buildup on the back. As a result, it make you feel comfortable and relax.

For the buttock area: Integrated motor gently move to create comfort and limit the pain caused by sitting too much.

Health Benefits massage cushion

The health benefits of massage cushion:

The massage cushion help treat spondylosis effectively: The massage cushion uses kneading technology to stimulate acupuncture massage, reduce pressure on the disc, ligaments and spinal cord. Specifically, kneading helps against calcified spines and reduces spondylosis size naturally.

Prevention and treatment of chronic back pain in the elderly: The elderly are frequent subjects to suffering from chronic back pain. The massage cushion improves blood flow to the spine, helping to restore the back pain area. Therefore, prevention and treatment of chronic back pain in the elderly is very important. Additionally, the massage cushion also increases the amount of endorphins. This is very beneficial for our body because endorphins help you “feel comfortable”. The high amount of endorphin will help patients deal with chronic back pain.

The research shows that massage cushion can help relieve chronic back pain.

Ogawa Massage Cushion

After 10 weeks, people who weekly massage have less pain and have the better ability to walk and perform daily activities than those who only use traditional care.

So instead of self massage, people with chronic back pain should use a massage cushion to get the best results.

3 – Infrared Massage: With the 6 rollers and 12 points of infrared light, the massage cushion offers short wavelength infrared temperature to the roller which acts on the body by the waves caused by small vibrations arising by differences or changes in temperature enhances energy through stimulating activities and strong deep into the important acupuncture points on the body, which excrete toxins, reduce stress and eliminate fatigue. New energy source of the body is reconstructed, the balance is restored.

4 – Other effects: Massage Cushion not only has external influence also on deep inside the body produces many effects as relieve stress, relax the body, support the treatment of vascular disease and so on

Besides, the massage cushion with kneading massage to treat somebody disorders to improve your health as well as your mind.


Top 5 Reasons to use a trampoline

Top 5 Reasons to use a trampoline

Trampoline exercise is very useful for people of all ages. With the best trampoline, people can stay active and have fun at the same time. It is easy to begin and impossible to give up. I’ve found top 5 reasons why working out on the trampoline is good for you regardless of your age.

Reason/Benefit 1 – Trampoline encourages kid to play

In today’s wTop 5 Reasons to use a trampolineorld, most kids are couch potatoes – they spend hours playing video games, watching television, using cell phones and social media and more. Consequently, kids no longer enjoy some outdoor activities liking going hiking, swimming or riding a bike. Trampoline gives kids and parents a great place to show off their skills, an enjoyable way to exercise and get up off the couch. It is an interesting outdoor activity that parents don’t have to force their kids to do unlike a boring, undesirable chore.

Reason/Benefit 2 – Trampoline reduces restlessness and alleviates stress

Sometimes, drinking too much coffee, getting physical pain and stress would make you restless or unable to sleep. Trampoline exercise is good to release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals. It can help relieve stress, boost your mood, and work out restlessness as well as improve your sleeping quality. Also, it is a fun way to make you feel invigorated and reduce insomnia.

Reason/Benefit 3 – Trampoline improves the lymphatic system to keep you healthier

The lymphatic system which moves the toxins from the lymph ducts to the liver, kidney and eventually out of your body needs gravity and body movement to work properly. Only 10 minutes of rebounding promotes the lymphatic drainage system to carry toxins, bacteria and waste from your cells, that will cleanse them effectively.

Reason/Benefit 4 – Trampoline keep you young longer

Trampoline exercise tones up your body because jumping on the trampoline uses a variety of muscles including your legs and stomach. Bouncing on a trampoline on a regular basic can help strengthen muscles, cells and bones in the process. As a result, you will get firmer, tighter muscles and look younger, healthier. So, it is said that trampoline help slow down the aging process and keep you young longer.

Reason/Benefit 5 – Rebounding is safe on the joints

The main shortcoming of jogging or running is the physical stress on lower limbs and feet. Trampoline provides a low-impact exercise that is safe on the joints. Unlike jogging or running, trampoline mat absorbs a majority of the impact from your bounce when you land, reducing joint problems like jarring of your ankles, knees, hips and spine. Working out on the trampoline is easier on your joints than jogging or running, so it is an excellent exercise for everyone, particularly seniors or somebody recovering from accidents or injuries. It’s also great option for people who have been sedentary and are starting an exercise program.

Trampoline exercise is great for people of all ages and fitness levels because it is a combination of high intensity and low impact. With the trampoline, you can get long-lasting fun and total body workout.

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