Best foods to eat to lose weight and tone up

It sounds very ironic and contrary to common belief that fats are one of the best foods to eat to lose weight and tone up fast. In order to tone your muscles up, you need to build lean muscle mass without getting too much harsh fats. Today I will tell you that eating fat does not gain weight but in other way it will tone your muscles up because it depends on the kind of fat that you are eating. Many people are very surprised when they see how much fat I eat in one day. So if you are having processed hydrogenated, fake butter or package and processed foods, those fats will make you fat. But if you are having healthy fat from healthy fat sources that will actually help you burn fat, lose weight and tone up fast.

Best foods to eat to lose weight and tone up

So the key to remember is that your body cannot actually function without these healthy fats. Your hormone cannot work properly; your brain and your nerve system cannot work properly. There are a lot of organs and digestions which will not function at the optimum if you don’t feed your body the healthy fat. So before I get into these fat sources, I want to talk about the fats that everyone should stay away from. Continue reading