We humans, like every other species are structured to live and function in nature. Our body is tuned to the rhythm of nature from the moment we exist. At times when we fall out of the rhythm and alienate ourselves from nature, our body starts protesting and mal-functioning. What we have to do in states of such mal-function is very simple – we just need to reach back to nature. The rising importance of natural health in this era owes to this realization.


Most of the natural health essays are being portrayed as ‘un-scientific’ and unreasonable by the so called ‘world scientific society’. But what they fail to understand is that they are burning down the house to get rid of pests. A scientific base, if required could be achieved with dedicated research in the field. It is neither impossible nor incomprehensible. We can’t forget that the time tested natural health tips have helped millions all over the world from time they started to exist. Assuming that natural health and other complementary medicines are modern black magic just adds to the ignorance of our species. We need to absorb the wisdom of our forefathers and merge them into our needs and deeds.


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