7 Ways to Boost you Child’s Immunity

Parents and caregivers of children can attest that when sickness strikes, life revolves around tending to the child night and day. It is miserable to see our little ones drained of their seemingly endless energy supply. It is also concerning because a child’s body is more vulnerable than an adult’s body. What can parents do in order to best protect against the intruders that challenge our children’s health?

7 Ways to Boost you Child's Immunity

Your child’s body and immune system function optimally when protected from environmental damage. By choosing healthy lifestyle behaviors, you can help your child’s system stay balanced and working efficiently. Recommended behaviors include a healthy diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, low stress levels, mindful¬† antibiotic use, keeping a healthy weight and keeping your environment balanced. In order to effectively boost the immune system, scientists and researchers have been studying the effects of lifestyle changes on the system’s ability to fight off infections. They have found that these lifestyle changes do correlate to reduction of diseases and increased¬† immune systems responses. They are still researching and testing for conclusive evidence to uncover how to balance the immune system to its optimum ability in order to reduce infections that lead to diseases. The immune system has many different cells that respond to different microbes in different ways, so immune responses don’t necessarily mean your system will be better prepared to fight intruding microorganisms. The system needs to be balanced. There are precautions you can take to keep your child’s overall health and immune system defenses as strong as possible. Continue reading